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Some of the questions we are most commonly asked about LTPD are:

  • Why are we doing this now?
  • What evidence is there that this is a good idea?
  • Are soccer-playing countries really doing this?
  • Is this just a new thing developed by some academics, and like a lot of “trends” will just go away?

Because it is difficult to respond to every single e-mail and question that we receive, we have pulled together some links and stories that provide a fairly comprehensive overview not only about the “mechanics” of LTPD, but why top players and coaches around the world are so insistent that it is vital that soccer governing bodies who are serious about the proper development of their players must move in this direction.

We invite you to click on any of the links below.  We hope you will find the articles offer up legitimate perspective and some answers to many of your questions about why the OSA is working to phase-in LTPD across the province. bill

Newspaper Articles on LTPD

Chatham Daily News

Youth Soccer to focus on skill development -February 21, 2013

Globe & Mail

The case for killing the competition – April 28, 2012 

Do long-term development programs promise too much?  -  April 27, 2012  

Hamilton Spectator

Soccer governing bodies take run at new player development program – May 12, 2012

Ottawa Citizen

Starnes: How to fix Canadian soccer - October 19, 2012

Starnes - Restricting soccer games for youngsters isn’t popular, but it works - February 15, 2013

National Post

No winners: Children still keeping score despite move to end sports competition - September 22, 2012


Sun Media

No scores for Ontario minor soccer players - April 25, 2012 

The Province 

Practice makes sense, if it’s fun  - Long-term player development at the grassroots level – December 6, 2012  - article and video

Toronto Star Editorial

Keeping score on the soccer field and in the classroom- Salutin Obsessing about scores and marks is not the best way to build winners - February 22, 2013

Canada's David Edgar applauds no-score soccer for kids - February 27, 2013- NEW

Windsor Star

No keeping score? No problem - February 18, 2013
No-Score Youth Sports Policies Gaining Popularity – June 2013

Canadian Soccer Blogs and Webpages

British Columbia Premier Soccer League –Technical Operations Manual

Richmond Soccer Association wins big with LTAD - 14 June, 2012

Jason de Vos response to the Globe & Mail article - The continued misunderstanding of LTPD – May 1, 2012 

No scores means better soccer players, coach says (Innisfil) – May 7, 2012 

The Independent Free Press Sports,
 Georgetown SC’s new coach ‘not starting from scratch’ - May 24, 2012

"Taking You Beyond the Game!" -
Some media folks are missing the real value behind Long-Term Player Development - July 30, 2012

Jason de Vos  –
The Truth about Long-Term Player Development – September 23, 2012

Bill Ault, Canada Kicks - Where to Start? Canadian Youth Soccer and its (Many) ChallengesSeptember 5, 2012

Richard Whittall, The Story So Far —How to save Canadian soccer -  October 17th

Jason de Vos - Is this development-centred competition, or survival of the fittest? August 23, 2012

Jason de Vos: It's Time to Change the Way Canada Develops Players  - October 17, 2012

Power FCs Long Term Development Plan Reaping Rewards - November 2, 2012

Jason deVos:
Recreational Mentality in Canadian Soccer has to change - January 6, 2013

Satei on Soccer -
The Importance of a Winning Mentality in Youth SoccerFebruary 7, 2013

Duane Rollins -
Its crucial that proponents of player development reform get the message across - February 21, 2013

CBC Online-
Thunder Bay parents happy with scoreless soccer – February 20, 2013

Daniel Squizzato-
The case for LTPD - How the advocates can win the messaging war  - February 21, 2013

CBC Online- Scoreless soccer games better for kids, Hamilton association says - Feb 28, 2013

Jim Grove Blog -
Don’t worry, kids learn to lose - March 8, 2013

CSA- Competition in the early stages of LTPD - March 11, 2013

CSA- March 11, 2013- New

Bill Ault - 
Opportunity spurned - Local media passes up chance to question LTPD - March 24, 2013

Daniel Squizzato -
The Case for LTPD - How Fun-are-festivals really? – June 24, 2013

Coaching Soccer in Canada – Frank DeChellis - Why Hockey Justifies LTPD – March 14, 2013

Huronia and District Soccer Association – Steve Payne, Technical Director – FIFA Grassroots Soccer Course - June 21, 2013 Column

Horst Wein’s The Beautiful Game - Age-orientated coaching to cultivate the hidden creative talents of young people

Optimal Youth Football

Part 8 - Motivational Factors– June 20, 2013

Part 7- Skill Acquisition and Creativity – June 13, 2013

Part 6- Integrated Training Through Games – June 5, 2013

Part 5- A Modern Coaching Style – May 29, 2013

Part 4- Age Appropriate Competitions – May 11, 2013

Part 3- Player-Centered – May 6, 2013

Part 2- A Development Philosophy Rather Than Winning at All Costs – April 29, 2013

Part 1- The Plan – April 22, 2013

Horst Wein on how to Develop the Best Youth Soccer Players - Interview with Dianne Scavuzzo of Feb 11, 2013


Canadian Sport for Life Website


 Websites and Articles from and about International soccer


Football Association National Curriculum

Optus Small Sided Football - Parent Information Guide

Information about small-sided formats with no standings (until U12) from the Northern Tasmanian Junior Soccer Association


Danish FA Presentation


The FA’s Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) Model

BBC interview with Sir Trevor Brooking 

Welsh Football Trust – Player Development  

Leader’s in Performance Blog - July 21, 2011 - Chris Sulley: Youth Development – Best Practice in European Professional Football

Why Arsenal - and all top clubs - must buy into the England youth development plan if we are ever to have international success – March 1, 2012

One man’s story about choosing football over music - March 17, 2012 

Will English football benefit from improved coaching methods?  - BBC online August 15, 2012 


Nick Levett’s blog - FA National Development Manager for Youth and Mini-Soccer 

From the FA website
Why do we make our kids play like adults?  Includes great article, video and technical pdf documents 


SS Academy (British Columbia) article – HPL (High Performance League) and Lessons from Japan – Player Development issues exist across Canada and the world! – July 19, 2011

Small-sided soccer turns Japan into big-time women's program -  May 19, 2012

Tom Byer: a benchmark in kids coaching - 2012


How Mexico became one of the best youth teams in the world - August 1, 2012

New Zealand

New Zealand Football –Player Development Principles

South Africa

South African Sport for Life 


UEFA - Football First - Focus on youth lays foundation for Spanish triumph – September 23, 2010

The Success Behind Barcelona’s Cantera – 2010

Beauty of Spain Stems from How They Train, by Ken Sweda- July 12, 2012 

United States

U.S. Soccer - Player Development Best Practices

The Shin Guardian Blog - A Treatise: The State of American Youth Soccer- September 19, 2011  

The Unruly Soccer Pyramids of America - Every nation has a soccer pyramid, but the USA’s wasn’t built properly and it shows - Friday, February 10, 2012 -

Extended Development Academy season prompts concerns about its participants - Feb 13, 2012

Can Claudio Reyna improve the U.S. national team by reorganizing youth soccer in America? April 16, 2012

Soccer America’s Youth Soccer Insider, Brian Bliss: 'At U-16s, winning becomes part of it' – July 31, 2012  

New York State West Youth Soccer Association, Should a 7-year old play on a 10-year old team?

Soccer Nation April 9, 2012

Soccer Coach Wayne Harrison's Awareness Training Player Development - Oct 27, 2011

A Scientific Concept in Soccer Player Development - Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 

Youth coaches need to have the courage to be patient -Thursday, April 26, 2012 

The role of being a youth soccer coach Part 1 - April 26, 2012 

The role of being a youth soccer coach Part 2 – April 23, 2012

The role of being a youth soccer coach - Part 3 - April 30, 2012 

The role of being a youth soccer coach - Part 4 - May 8, 2012 

How do we measure success in youth soccer – July 3, 2012 

Dr. Gentile on Small-Sided Games: The Key to Player Development – July 8, 2012 -

Former MLS player Danny Jackson on Soccer Player Development - Long-Term Planning Leads to Long-Term Success - July 20, 2012  

Dr. Dina Gentile - Small-Sided Games: Preparing Players for Success @ U13’s National Level Competition -  August 2, 2012

Directors of Coaching on Winning versus Development - August 27, 2012

U.S. Soccer Development Academy to Launch U13 - U14 Program Next Year - August 30, 2012

Youth Soccer Player Development vs. Winning at All Costs – Part 1 – September 2, 1012

Youth Soccer Player Development vs. Winning at All Costs -Part 2- September 4, 2012  

 The Challenge of Youth Player Development in a “Winning at All Costs” Society - September 5, 2012

US Youth Soccer's Director of Coaching Sam Snow on Player Development vs. Winning at All Costs –September 23, 2012

 Dr. Gentile on the Parents' Role in Player Development – September 28, 2012 

Youth Sports Should Be Fun For All Players September 28, 2012

Youth Soccer: Embrace Teaching The Game over Winning- April 1, 2013 - New

Book Resources

Botterill, Cal & Orlick, Terry Every Kid Can Win - Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (January 1, 1975)

Colvin, Geoff (2008) - Talent Is Overrated.

Coyle, Daniel (2009) - The Talent Code

Dewey, John (1991) - How We Think

Gardner, Howard (1993) - Multiple Intelligences

Gladwell, Malcolm (2008) - Outliers - Publisher: Little, Brown and Company; 1 edition (November 18, 2008)

Goleman, Daniel (1995) - Emotional Intelligence - Publisher: Bantam Books; 10th Anniversary edition (September 27, 2005)

Griffin, Linda, & Butler, Joy (2005) - Teaching Games For Understanding Publisher: Human Kinetics; 1 edition (June 23, 2010)

Hanrahan Stephanie J. & Kidman, Lynn (2011) - The Coaching Process: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Effective Sports Coach

Kidman, Lynn – (2001) - Athlete-centred Coaching: An Empowerment Approach to Coaching

Kidman, Lynn – (2005) - Athlete-centred Coaching: Developing Decision Makers

Kidman, Lynn – (2005) - Athlete-centred Coaching: Developing Inspired and Inspiring People

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