Ontario Cup

1901 Mens Ontario Cup Champions
- Galt F.C.

2013 Women's Ontario Cup Champions
- Scarborough G.S. United

 2013 Men's Ontario Cup Champions
- Gloucester Celtic

The Ontario Cup, the Provincial Soccer Championship, is the largest competition of its kind in Canada, and is The Ontario Soccer Association’s flagship property.

The Ontario Cup is one of the oldest sporting events in Canada, first staged in 1901 and operated continuously since that date (with the exception of World War 2).
The Ontario Cup involves close to 12,000 athletes, from Windsor’s Roselands to Thunder Bay’s Sleeping Giant, from the Nation’s Capital to Niagara Falls.

The competition commences in May, with over 660 teams being drawn into either a Knock-Out round or a Round-Robin style tournament, leading to a pre-determined set of venues throughout the Province for the Semi-Finals held in August.
 It culminates with the Final Round at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan, with the added prize of a National Club Championship in the Under 14's, Under 16's, Under 18's, Men’s and Women’s divisions.


The Ontario Cup, the provincial soccer championships, has recently involved over 600 teams. The competition begins in May, and finishes with the Cup Finals in September to determine a championship team in each of the twenty two divisions:

Under 13 Boys, Under 14 Boys, Under 15 Boys Tier 1, Under 15 Boys Tier 2, Under 16 Boys Tier 1, Under 16 Boys Tier 2,
Under 17 Boys Tier 1, Under 17 Boys Tier 2, Under 18 Boys, Under 21 Men, Men, Special Olympics 

Under 13 Girls, Under 14 Girls,  Under 15 Girls, Under 16 Girls, Under 17 Girls, Under 18 Girls, Under 21 Women, Women, Special Olympics

The Ontario Cup is open to any competitively registered team in Ontario. Entry Forms are available online in early March and the deadline for entering is the end of March. 

In the Ontario Cup:

  •  Youth age divisions(Under 13 to Under 18), play in Tournament Rounds which lead to Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and the Cup Finals.
  • Under 21 Men's and Under 21 Women's play a Single-Game Knock-out Format leading to the Semi-Finals and Cup Finals on one weekend in late July. 
  • Men's, Women's and Special Olympics' divisions play a Single-Game Knock-out Format leading to the Cup Finals in September.

National Championships take place in four age levels, Under 14, Under 16, Under 18 and Senior Open. The Ontario Cup winners in those age divisions advance to the National Championships which are usually played on Thanksgiving weekend in various provinces across Canada.




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