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Of the four types of competitions sanctioned by the OSA, Leagues is the competition which involves the most teams, players and games.

The structure of leagues in Ontario is governed by the OSA’s Pyramid For Play which is a structure designed to ensure that every player has the opportunity to play at the appropriate level based on her/his skill level and choice of commitment.

Pyramid For Play Diagrams

Pyramid for Play Mission Statement

  • To ensure that the player is the number one priority and has the opportunity to play at a level appropriate to his or her skill and ability.
  • To recognize the Club as the main vehicle for the provision of opportunities for the player and to safeguard its needs and interests with respect to the Pyramid For Play.
  • To clearly establish the principle that the most productive environment for every player at every level of play, from mini-soccer to international competition, is to play in a balanced league.
  • To provide a stable organizational structure to ensure the ongoing viability of Teams, Clubs, and Leagues.

Governance of Leagues

Each league is governed and supervised by a governing organization.

The OSA governs:

  • Senior Level 1 Leagues
  • Senior Level 2 Leagues
  • Senior Level 3 Leagues
  • Senior Level 4 Leagues
  • Senior Level 5 Leagues*
  • Youth Level 1 Leagues
  • Youth Level 2 League
  • Youth Level 3 Leagues
  • Youth Level 4 Leagues
  • Youth Level 5 Leagues*

* Level 5 Leagues can be governed by The OSA or a District Association 

District Associations govern:

  • Senior Level 5 Leagues*
  • Senior Level 6 Leagues
  • Youth Level 5 Leagues* 
  • Youth Level 6 Leagues

* Level 5 Leagues can be governed by The OSA or a District Association

Clubs govern:

  • Senior Level 7 Leagues
  • Youth Level 7 Leagues

Each league is annually approved by its governing organization based on the Terms Of League Operations for that league.

The following diagrams illustrate the governance of leagues in all five OSA Regions:

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